The Chronicles RE ASPARA DRINK Tribute Decal


Image of The Chronicles RE ASPARA DRINK Tribute Decal

I always come up with designs and products typically with absolutely no idea if people will understand or enjoy them but I guess I’ve just been fortunate enough to have people around me who “get it”. One night while I was trying to come up with the next decal to add to the CHRNCLS Tribute Series, I remembered one of the old race cars that I grew up loving and it’s livery always stuck with me because of how unique it was. That car was the RE Amemiya Aspara Drink RX7 Super GT. I just always thought it was super quirky to have an energy drink sponsor, especially long before the days of Red Bull being involved in motor sports. It’s not Honda-related at all but still a huge inspiration, so I went and meticulously re-drew the Aspara Drink bottle and then made it look as close to the original livery as possible while adding my own personal touches to it. I went into printing them knowing that 80% of the car community currently would have no idea what it is, but at least it’ll have meaning to the ones that do, lol.

*Decal measures 8x2.5 inches

*High-quality durable vinyl

*International shipping available



Image of The Chronicles RE ASPARA DRINK Tribute Decal